• Istitutional embroidered gonfalon for municipalities & conferences with laurel, emblem and crown.

Art. GONF2 banner for Institutions with friezes

Embroidered Customized banner for Institutions, Cities, Districts, Departments etc...made of satin fabric and embellished with laurels, crown, friezes in the corners and central schield.

Watch HERE the realization of a banner


Embroidered banner for istitutions, cities etc with the undermentioned features:

-Crown at the top;
-Customized central schield;
-Laurels under the schield;
-N 4 Friezes-Decorations in the corners;
-Gold or silver trimming with fringes at the bottom;
-N.4 turrets at the top, with reinforced grommets with crosspiece;

If you haven’t found the banner you were looking for and you would like a different personalisation, please contact us in order to have a proper offer.

NB: You have to supply us a file in vector pdf.

For the banner’s accessories, please visit the page “Accessories”.

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