Flag Badges

Flags of Italy and of the nations of the world made on fabric-fabric ready to be sewn or thermo-applied on textiles, clothing, hats.

Flag Badges

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Italian shield flag cm 5x7...

Iron-on embroidered Italian shield flag to be applied on the garments with the hot press or with a simple sewing machine. They are suitable to customize promotional wear and sportswear, such as polo-shirts, t-shirts, swaet-shirt, tracksuits etc.

Size cm 7 x 5 approx

Price €1.55

FLAG-KIT Embroidered Nation...

Art. Embroidered Nation Flag Badges

Choose one of our varios Flag Kit to sew on or heat on garments and accessories.

Note: clic on the picture to see details about which flag the kit includes. You can choose between many combinations. 

Price €7.32