All for tourism such as bespoke textile, towels and rucksack, travellers bags, caps for holidays, iron on flags. Custom keychains Remove Before Flight with bespoke texts, iron and sew on flags for textile, suitable for tour operators, souvenirs shop, and travellers.  


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Keychain Remove Before...

Embroidered Keychain Remove Before Flight with american merrow border. These embroidered keychain have the writing REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT recto and verso, available in different colors. Size cm 13 x 3.

Price €2.68

Bespoke woven keychains...

Bespoke woven keychains Remove Before Flight with overlocked merrow border (also known as "american merrow border"). They can be onesided or two-sided and they are perfect giveaway items for sporting clubs, skydivers etc.  In spite of the embroidered keychain, they are suitable for complicated pictures, full of details.

Price €2.14

Bespoke embroidered...

Remove Before Flight keychains with bespoke embroidered texts or logo two-sided, overlocked merrow border perimeter (also known as "american merrow border"). Perfect giveaway items for sporting clubs, skydivers, aiports, aircraft crew, bikeshow, etc.

Price €3.60