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Rubber Badges Art. P900

Rubber Badges and labels with customized logo to sew on garment, caps and all promotional and sport textile.

NOTE: E-shop order not available for this article.

Ask offer to the CONTACT area attaching the file. 

ATTENTION: Minimum quantity pcs 100

Fluorescent Embroidered...

Fluorescent embroidered badges with iron backing, available in yellow, green, fuxia, and orange fabric.
They are customized with the logo required and they can to iron-on (with thermo-backing) or sew on.

Price €2.32

Fire-Resistant Badges Art....

Fire-Resistant Embroidered Badges, made with a special fire-resistant fabric and fireproof embroidery threads. They can be only stitched on the garments with a simple sewing machine. It is not possible to add the thermo-backing or the velcro because they are not fire-resistant.

Price €3.66

Organic Cotton Patches Art....

Embroidered patches on organic cotton and ecologic fabric, ready to be sew on clothes, hats and accessories, customizable with your logo.
It cannot have the thermoadhesive, because it loses its characteristic of being "ecological".
The background color is obviously always beige-ecru as in the image.

3D embossed Patch (medium...

Customized patches with 3D embroidery or writing with thick relief, ready to be sewn.
You can order your logo or writing with 50% of the surface of the 3D patch available (the rest of the lettering is classic flat embroidery).

The total perimeter measures 12 x 5 cm and is fixed.

NOTE: Add to basket and send the file to CONTACTS specifing the size.

Price €3.78

3D embossed patches (small...

Customized 3D embroidered badges with 2mm thick embossed embroidery.
We can realize your logo or simple text on nylon fabric with embroidery 2mm thickness. Ready to be sewn on garments.

Place the order by attaching the file and we will adapt it and send you a mock-up design before proceeding.

NOTE: Add to basket and send the file to CONTACTS specifing the size.

Price €3.42

Labels of various...

Carved labels of various thermoadhesive colors for clothing that can be applied hot using a press or simply with an iron.

Polyurethane (PU) material with bright colors, for carving, on adhesive polyester support.

Price €1.04

Thermoapplicable Printed...

Heat-adhesive labels for clothing that can be applied hot using a press or simply with an iron.

They have a white base, are printed in full color and can be made in any shape through the carving operation.

Price €1.16