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free chapter embroidery keychains motoclub
  • free chapter embroidery keychains motoclub
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Embroidery keychains for moto

Custom embroidered keychains with logos of motoclub, motorcycles, hog chapters, with different colors and sizes.

Some brands can only be ordered with prior authorisation.

Minimum order quantity is 30 pieces.

Specific References

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Keychain Remove Before...

Embroidered Keychain Remove Before Flight with american merrow border. These embroidered keychain have the writing REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT recto and verso, available in different colors. Size cm 13 x 3.

Price €2.68

Bespoke embroidered...

Remove Before Flight keychains with bespoke embroidered texts or logo two-sided, overlocked merrow border perimeter (also known as "american merrow border"). Perfect giveaway items for sporting clubs, skydivers, aiports, aircraft crew, bikeshow, etc.

Price €3.36


Maximum size cm 7 x 4

Minimum 100 pcs.  Rubber-PVC keychain with customized embossed logo, with metal ring and ideal as a gift, corporate gift or promotion for companies, self-employed, hotels, tourist villages, and tourist-automotive sectors in general. Please specifies the exact dimensions, which fall within the measurements described above. 

Price €3.03