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Gonfalons for Cities and Countries

Custom-made embroidered gonfalons for cities by | Arem Italia

Gonfalons for institutions, municipalities, cities and coutries. Made on satin fabric and all others material on requests, with gold or silver finishing, fringes, trimmings and hanging cords. Most of cities gonfalons can be produced with embroidery customization expecially for institutions and town hall. Also digital printing is required for cheap gonfalons, with printed emblem, texts and printed laurels & crown.

Gonfalons for Cities and Countries

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Art. GONF4 Gonfalon for...

Embroidered Customized Gonfalon for Institutions, Cities, Districts, Departments, made of satin,  embellished with full decorations, gold crown, gold fringe and trimmings, floral & friezes decorations, embroidered crown and laurel leaves

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