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Embroidered or woven keychains are made with a special, extremely resistant fabric and so they are less likely to have their design removed by wear or abrasion.

The keychains with the writing "Remove Before Flight" are very famous and are sold among all our customers, especially skydivers and airline companies. Every keychain is produced with the special overlocked american merrow border. Keychains can be one sided or two sided, embroidered or woven.

Differences among the products: 

Art. KEY100 embroidered: 

it is more resistant

Art. KEY200 woven:

it is thinner that the other one and particularly indicated for complicated logos with a lor of details.

Art. KEY300 Remove Before Flight: 

text "remove before flight" on the front side and on the back side (unchangeable)

Art. KEY400 embroidered on organic cotton:

with customized logo on the front side and on the back side.

Art. KEY500 rubber keychain: 

with customized logo.


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Keychain Remove Before...

Embroidered Keychain Remove Before Flight with american merrow border. These embroidered keychain have the writing REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT recto and verso, available in different colors. Size cm 13 x 3.

Price €1.59

Bespoke embroidered...

Remove Before Flight keychains with bespoke embroidered texts or logo two-sided, overlocked merrow border perimeter (also known as "american merrow border"). Perfect giveaway items for sporting clubs, skydivers, aiports, aircraft crew, bikeshow, etc.

Add to basket and send the file to CONTACTS specifing the size.

Price €1.16

Bespoke woven keychains...

bespoke woven keychains Remove Before Flight with overlocked merrow border (also known as "american merrow border"). They can be onesided or two-sided and they are perfect giveaway items for sporting clubs, skydivers etc.  In spite of the embroidered keychain, they are suitable for complicated pictures, full of details.

NOTE: Add to basket and send the file or text to CONTACTS specifing the size.

Price €1.46

Organic Cotton Keyrings...

Customizable organic cotton keychain with logo, front side and back and (with different logos too), with OEKOTEST certified cotton yarn embroidery.

Keychains in bio-organic fabric always have a BEIGE color background.

Add to basket and send the file to CONTACTS specifing the size.

Price €2.68


Rubber-PVC keychain with customized embossed logo, with metal ring and ideal as a gift, corporate gift or promotion for companies, self-employed, hotels, tourist villages, and tourist-automotive sectors in general.

Minimum 100 pcs.  Only for quote: send inquiry & logo HERE with size.

Price €0.00